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Auto buying made easy

Locate A Vehicle


CarConnection.US is our Vehicle Buying Service. Purchasing your next vehicle through will offer a unique buying experience. You have the ability to shop online or in-person.  On any given day we have access to thousands of vehicles. 

Negotiate Your Deal


 Tell us what new or pre-owned vehicles you are looking for and we will locate the vehicle that matches your request through our vast network..   Once we have located your vehicles then we will work with you to arrange the purchase terms that meet your needs and expectations. 

Secure Financing


Financing a vehicle is the second most important issue you face after you have selected the vehicle that you want to own....No worries, we have been doing this for 20 plus years and we have access to 100's of Lenders and 1000's of programs to put together the right financing for your next purchase.

Take Your Test Drive


Once we have located your vehicle and worked out the terms, come in and take your Test Drive.  Your 90 minute Express Delivery begins now.  

Sign Your Documents


Sign your preliminary documents and you are ready to meet with a Business Manager who will discuss all options and finalize your paperwork.  

Take Delivery


Take delivery of your vehicle on your terms, in store, at your home, on your job and anywhere in the Continental U.S.!